June 6, 2015

Writing An Inheritance : Women’ Writing In Sri Lanka (1860 – 1948 Vol. I )-(2002)

This anthology collects, for the first time, some of the earliest writing in English by women in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). From British and American women travellers such as Bella Woolf, Constance Gordon Cummings and Carolyn Cornor who wrote of their impressions and experiences of colonial Ceylon, to creative writings of Jessie, Alice and Jane Goonetileke, Rosalind Mendis, Mabel Fernando and Ina Trimmer- early Sri Lankan women writers in English.

Gendered Subjects (2002)

This publication is based on papers presented at a conference on Gender organized by WERC. The researchers have identified topics representing culture, and political formations of both the colonial and post colonial South Asia.
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