June 6, 2015

Women, Democracy & Development: A Comparison of African & South Asian Cases

This research is part of a tri-nation study conducted in Ghana, Canada and Sri Lanka to span Africa and Asia in a single, comparative and collaborative analysis of women’s political agency. The study involved investigation of communal endeavours and local political participation on the one hand, and national events involving women’s agency in Ghana and Sri Lanka on the other. The research draws on a synthesis of what we term 'feminist political economy'; theories of the post colonial state, class formation and post modern theory, including discourse analysis and feminist theory of subjectivity. The findings of the study conducted in Sri Lanka are available in "The Politics of Gender and Women’s Agency in Post-colonial Sri Lanka".

Women Workers in Rubber Plantations

The field survey for this study was carried out in 1992 in seven locations in the Kalutara district. The objective of the study was to identify the working conditions and problems of women workers in the rubber plantations. The relative…
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