May 31, 2015

Keshini Kumarakesary – Intern (Ryerson University – Canada)

My first experience working as an intern was with WERC, I am proud to say I was part of this organization. I have learned many valuable lessons while working at WERC. I have been given the chance to write for the bi-monthly newsletter and I have also had the chance to work on my own project proposal. All these tasks have enriched my understanding of how the Non-Profit sector operates and will surely help me with my future endeavours in the sector. This organization has also opened my eyes to the hardships women face in Sri Lanka, it has taught me that there are countless way to strive for better life and gender equality and that nothing is impossible.

Daniella De Mel - Intern (University of Manchester - UK)

As an intern at WERC, I was given the opportunity to be part of a small but exceptional community of individuals working towards the betterment of women in Sri Lanka. My colleagues were friendly and always willing to help, and…
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