July 30, 2006

Tsunami Children’s Education Programme Project (2006-2008)

This project was conducted on Eastern and Northern provinces. WERC considered several group of children and supported and encouraged them to continue their education. Most children received cash for purchasing school stationary and some children were taken to visit historical places to help to come out from the traumatized event. WERC also provided money for the children who needed to stay in Boarding houses during their schooling.

To carry this project several donor agencies supported such as De Zairre Foundation, CARE International- Batticaloa, Soroptomist Club, Kudathanai Church and Point Pedro. Additionally, several individual donors helped.

Skills Training for Marginalized Women: Training in Trishaw Driving (2007-2012)

WERC’s first effort in training women in trishaw driving was realized in collaboration with the Kantha Shakthi Organisation in Balangoda, in 2007. The second phase of the project inaugurated in Jaffna in June 2010. WERC started the project with the…
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