March 8, 2006

Sticker Campaign on Sexual Harassment in Public Transport (2006-2007)

With the main objective of drawing  attention to the issue of sexual harassment in public transport and creating awareness about the legal provisions available to prevent such behavior, this project was begun on the International Women's Day of the year 2006. This campaign also aimed to empower women to speak-up against this type of harassment and make the by-standers realize their social responsibility to prevent such as situation.

The officers of Provincial Transport Authorities extended their fullest corporation towards this campaign. Altogether, six campaigns were took place in the following places.

  • Hatton Campaign - March, 2007
  • Nanuoya Campaign - March, 2007
  • Kurunegala Campaign - April, 2007
  • Dambulla/ Sigiriya Campaign - April, 2007
  • Maskeliya/ Upcot Campaign - April, 2007
  • Norwood/ Bogawantalawa - April, 2007

Gender Sensitization Workshops (2006-2009)

WERC has been conducting gender sensitization workshops from past three decades. This project was initiated with the following objectives: sensitizing society on gender related issues, consciousness - raising, creating awareness among men and women on the economic, social, political, cultural and legal inequalities of…
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