February 2, 2010

Stabilizing the Mental Status of Women who Underwent Sexual Harassment in the Western Province (2010)

The project was designed with the aim of stabilising the mental status of victims who have undergone sexual harassment, torture, rape, abduction etc in the Western province. WERC identified Free Trade Zone (FTZ) workers who were exposed to sexual harassment, mental torture, and gender based violence of various types. These victims were first given counselling and there after a vocational training. A two-day workshop was organized on beauty culture and they were supplied the basic equipments to start a business. In this manner we were able to help them psychologically and financially. They were taken to ‘Leisure World’ in helping them to change their mind-set. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Sri Lanka funded the project.

Training of Gender Trainers (2010)

WERC was requested to conduct a four-day training for a group of trainers who were creating awareness on women's reproductive and health rights under the convenorship of Dr. Ketheeswaran, Regional Director for Health Services (RDHS) for Jaffna. This group had been formed…
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