June 6, 2015


Socio-Political Contexts of Female Headed Households

The study conducted in Uva, Sothern and Eastern province of Sri Lanka was an attempt to place in context the position of women whose husbands or partners, and in some cases other male kin, have been killed or disappeared. In doing so it outlined the political, economic and social consequences of violence and terror as they have impacted upon these families. It also analyses, from a psychological perspective, the coping mechanisms and strategies adopted by these women and members of their families to deal with trauma as well as other terror and violence related problems. The findings are published in two volumes:

Volume i- "Stories of Survivors: Socio-Political context of Female headed Households in Post-terror Southern Sri Lanka"- is on the Sinhala victims.

Volume ii is on the Tamil victims and is titled "The other victims of war: Emergence of Female Headed Households in the Eastern Sri Lanka."

A Psychological Study of Blue Collar Female Workers

Women blue collar workers in Ratmalana and the Free Trade Zone areas are a vulnerable group to stress and its manifestations. The objectives were to provide insight in to the potential stressful conditions and their psychological manifestations experienced by the…
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