February 3, 2005

Peace Education Project (2005-2009)

This project aimed to create awareness on the importance of peace making and the controversial concepts related to peace making among the general public. WERC signed an agreement with CORDAID to conduct peace education workshops from August 2006 for a period of three years. The idea behind this introduction of this project was to educate and create awareness among the general public with special reference to law enforcement authorities, students, teachers and NGO personnel on issues, problems and challenges related to peace and negotiation in a war ravaged nation.

The project covered the following areas: futility of war, ethnic relations in Sri Lanka, secular constitution, federal option and gender representation in the peace process.

Advocating & Lobbying Project - SARI/Q (2005-2008)

The task of lobbying with the relevant authorities to implement the SAARC Convention on Combatting Trafficking of Women and Children for Prostitution, as a part of the South Asian Network Building by SARI/Q, was entrusted WERC. Consequently, WERC partnered-up with Centre for…
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