July 28, 2015

Patriarchal World View in Hinduism

WERC commenced the above research in December 2009 with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA); its scope was to identify gender discriminatory and exploitative practices and rituals in the Hindu ideology in Sri Lanka. This also aimed to sensitize the Hindu community at large and the educationalists, NGO activists, teachers and lawyers on the said discriminatory and exploitative practices.

A field research carried out in various parts of the country on the diverse patterns of gender discrimination fashioned by Hindu ideology and practices. Qualitative as well as quantitative methods were used in collecting and analyzing data. The spread of diverse patterns of gender discrimination among Hindu communities was examined through the survey method, while the gendered nature of Hindu practices and ideology was explored through unstructured, in-depth interviews.

The manuscript was published in all three languages. To see the publication click here.

Women Migrant Workers & Trafficking in Sri Lanka

Due to a project implemented by WERC and funded by SAFI/Q in 2006 to advocate for implementation of the SAARC Convention on preventing trafficking of women and children for prostitution, an outcome of conducting a research on migrant women workers occurred.…
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