November 22, 2009

Non-Formal Education (2009-2010)

This programme was carried out in an urban poor community at Polhengoda in the Colombo district. The aim of the programme was to develop social values, self esteem and dignity of the children and to redirect them into wholesome social habits of peaceful coexistence and to develop in them a sense of equality and respect for other human beings. Three two-hour classes were held every week and a group of 20 students attended them. Classes were carried out by volunteer teachers and WERC staff members. Constant involvement of parents through monthly discussions has proven to be very useful. The progress of the programme, development of the child, concerns and challenges etc., were discussed during these meetings. The need for a Non-Formal Education programme has been reiterated by the members of the community during the assessment survey conducted by WERC prior to the ongoing programme.

Stabilizing the Mental Status of Women who Underwent Sexual Harassment in the Western Province (2010)

The project was designed with the aim of stabilising the mental status of victims who have undergone sexual harassment, torture, rape, abduction etc in the Western province. WERC identified Free Trade Zone (FTZ) workers who were exposed to sexual harassment,…
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