July 10, 1999

Nivedini Vol. 7 No. 2 Dec 1999

Table of Contents 1. Trauma in Female Headed Households in Amparai Getsy Shanmugam 2. A Reconstruction of the Trauma and the Post War Syndrome of Women in Trincomalee T. Suveendran 3. Towards a Discourse for a New Manifesto: A Post-Communist Version Selvy Thiruchandran 4. A Psychological Study of Blue Collar Female Workers Chandrika Ismail and Gameela Samarasinghe 5. Prostitution and Trafficking in Women Aurora J. De Dios 6. The Other Question of Women and Gender in Western Historiography Narmadha Thiranagama

Nivedini Vol. 8 No. 1 Dec 2000

Table of Contents 1. Reclaiming the Sacred: Buddhist Women in Sri Lanka Elizabeth Harris 2. Shackles of the Past: The Concept of Patriarchy Perpetuating in Education Rocky Ariyaratne 3. Gender in Interaction: Stereotypes and their Impact on the Status of Women…
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