July 10, 1998

Nivedini Vol 6 No. 1 Jun 1998 and Vol 6 No. 2 Dec 1998 – Double Issue

Table of Contents 1. Representation of Gender in Folk Paintings of Bengal Ratnabali Chatterjee 2. Gender Concept: Another Dimension of Understanding Meera Chakravorthy 3. Internal Refugees in Sri Lanka: the Interplay of Ethnicity and Gender Joke Schrivers 4. Women and Religious Nationalism Gail Omvedt 5. Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict: United Nations Response 6. Communicating the Other 7. Do Women Make a Difference? The Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition in the Peace Process Carmel Roulston 8. Political Restructuring and Social Transformation Vivienne Taylor 9. The Politics of Practice and the Practice of Politics Selvy Thiruchandran 10. Women’s Political Participation: Constraints and Future Strategies Durga Ghimire 11. Statements 1, 11 and 111

Nivedini Volume 7 No. 1 Jun 1999

Table of Contents 1. National Spaces and Collective Identities: Borders, Boundaries, Citizenship and Gender Relations 2. The Logics of Exclusion: Nationalism, Sexism and the Yugoslv War 3. Redefining an Agenda: The Women’s Movement in India 4. Recovering Women’s Travel Narratives: Women’s…
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