July 10, 1997

Nivedini Vol. 5 No. 2 Dec 1997

Table of Contents 1. The Uncertain Subjects of Femininity: Ethnographic Approaches to Hindu Practice and Female Agency Mary Hancock 2. Women’s Work and Status Enhancement: A Study of Punjabi’s Immigrant Women in Canada Gurpreet Bal 3. The Construction of Gender in the Social Formation of Jaffna Selvy Thiruchandran 4. A Roar on the Other Side of Silence (2 Poems) 5. Women, Religion and the Problem of Memory in Tamil Nadu V. Geetha 6. Partition Widows: The State as Social Rehabilitation Ritu Menon and Kamala Bhasin 7. Practice of Transformative Politics Rounaq Jehan 8. Annie Besant’s many Lives Kumari Jayawardena 9. Global March against Child Labour: A Process of Empowering the Girl Child – A Write Up 10. Glossary of Post-Modern Terms

Nivedini Vol 6 No. 1 Jun 1998 and Vol 6 No. 2 Dec 1998 - Double Issue

Table of Contents 1. Representation of Gender in Folk Paintings of Bengal Ratnabali Chatterjee 2. Gender Concept: Another Dimension of Understanding Meera Chakravorthy 3. Internal Refugees in Sri Lanka: the Interplay of Ethnicity and Gender Joke Schrivers 4. Women and…
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