July 10, 1997

Nivedini Vol. 5 No. 1 Jun 1997

Table of Contents 1. Single Women’s Sexuality and its Cultural Versions Selvy Thiruchandran 2. Coping Mechanism of Single Women Gameela Samarasinghe 3. The Murder in Marriage Attiya Dawood 4. Avenging Women in Indian Cinema Lalith Gopalan 5. Her Dilemma Shiranee Mills 6. Statements: - Incidence of Rape in the Eastern Province - Towards Political Empowerment of Women in Sri Lanka

Nivedini Vol. 5 No. 2 Dec 1997

Table of Contents 1. The Uncertain Subjects of Femininity: Ethnographic Approaches to Hindu Practice and Female Agency Mary Hancock 2. Women’s Work and Status Enhancement: A Study of Punjabi’s Immigrant Women in Canada Gurpreet Bal 3. The Construction of Gender in the…
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