July 10, 1996

Nivedini Vol. 4 No. 1 Jun 1996

Table of Contents 1. Women’s Sexuality in Nationalist Struggles Darini Rajasingham 2. Lessons for the Women’s Movement from the Literacy Campaigns 3. The Mother of Rahula Maureen Seneviratne 4. Employment of Wife and Domestic Power Strucutre S. C. Sidramshettar 5. The Narrow Bridge of Responsibility Attiya Dawood 6. Women of the World Stand up to Violence Radhika Coomaraswamy 7. Liberal Reforms, Feminist Consciousness and National Models, Ambivalent Constructions within Nationalism Selvy Thiruchandran 8. The Impact of Technological Changes on Women’s Employment Anberiya Haniffa 9. Statements: - on Media and Gender by Margharet Gallagher - from the Feminist Forum for 8th March 1996 - from Women Living Under Muslim Laws - from Women and Media Collective

Nivedini Vol. 4 No. 2 Dec 1996

Table of Contents 1. Female Headed Households in Situations of Armed Conflict Sepali Kottegoda 2. Cat’s Eye 3. Universality vs Cultural Relativism in Human Rights: The Debate and a Response Jayadeva Uyangoda 4. Deconstruction is Revolution if Revolution is Body…
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