July 10, 1995

Nivedini Vol. 3 No. 2 Dec 1995

Table of Contents 1. A Plea for Peace Editorial 2. Dilemmas of a Transformative Research Ideal Refugees and Resettlement in Sri Lanka Joke Schrijvers 3. Women in Contemporary Sri Lankan Tamil Fiction: A Study of Three Novels Sitra Maunaguru 4. The Business of Child Prostitution Maureen F. Seneviratne 5. Nationalism Refigured: Gender and Contemporary Popular Cinema Tejaswini Niranjana 6. Uduvil Starts – Reprint 7. Eileen Basker Memorial Prize 8. The Wars of the Dewas (Short Stories) Jean Arasanayagam 9. A Light in the Darkness (Short Stories) Karuna Perera 10. My Hands Reach the Door Latch (Poems) Attiya Dawood 11. It’s a Beautiful Nite (Poem) Rocky Ariyaratne 12. World Conference on Women in Beijing: Rhetoric and Reality as seen by the Sri Lankan Women’s NGO Forum 13. Class and Gender: who set fire to the House Maid? 14. For Equality of Genes 15. Through the Eye of the Women: A New Way of Seeing and Knowing our Reality

Nivedini Vol. 4 No. 1 Jun 1996

Table of Contents 1. Women’s Sexuality in Nationalist Struggles Darini Rajasingham 2. Lessons for the Women’s Movement from the Literacy Campaigns 3. The Mother of Rahula Maureen Seneviratne 4. Employment of Wife and Domestic Power Strucutre S. C. Sidramshettar 5.…
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