March 15, 2016

Nivedini-Journal of Gender Studies Vol. 21 December 2016

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NJGS Editorial Board

  • Selvy Thiruchandran
  • Kumari Jayawardena
  • Neloufer de Mel
  • Vasuki Nesiah

                                                       Table of Contents

Editorial- Dr. Selvy Thiruchandran

1. Victimhood and Agency of Women during Disasters

Lessons from December 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka

    Kalinga Tudor Silva

2. The Patriarchal Trap and the Process of the Diminishing Justice in the Polity

    Selvy Thiruchandran

3. Thrice Removed: Kuveni and the Epistemic Insecurities of Colonial Translation

    Andi Schubert

4. The Politics of Beauty: What's not Looking Good about 'Beauty' in India

    Shaila Desouza

5. Researching Male Teenage Sex Work in South Asia: Towards a New Framework

    Jayaraj K.P

Nivedini-Journal of Gender Studies Vol. 22 December 2018

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