July 10, 1994

Nivedini Vol. 2 No. 1 Jul 1994

Table of Contents 1. Liberation is not Six Yards of Cloth Janaki Nair 2. Sex Trafficking in Asian Women 3. A Fruit Tree and Carl Muller’s Construction of Women: Subversion or Reinforcement? Ruvani Ranasinghe 4. A Statement Issued at a Regional Workshop of the Asian Pacific Forum 5. Women’s Rights are Human Rights 6. Power and Women’s Space in Sri Lanka Geraldine Gamburd 7. The Trinjan Story 8. The Social Implications of Tesawalamai and their Relevance to the Status of Women in Jaffna Selvy Thiruchandran 9. Women’s Contribution to Ceylon Literature T. R. Toussaint 10. Class and Gender, a Conceptual Analysis Selvy Thiruchandran 11. Religious and Cultural Identity and the Construction of Sinhala Buddhist Womanhood Kumari Jayawardena 12. A Fresh Day, A New Hope Rocky Ariyaratne 13. International Dimensions of the Violent Patriarchy and Reporting

Nivedini Vol. 1 No. 2 Dec 1994 and Vol. 2 No. 1 May 1995 - Double Issue

Table of Contents 1. The Articulation of Gender in Cinematic Address: Sinhala Cinema in 1992 Malathi de Alwis 2. Violence against Women: Nature and Extent Bela Nabi 3. Patriarchy in a Language Eva Ranaweera 4. Socio- Cultural Constraints and their Gendered…
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