July 7, 2013

Nivedini- Journal of Gender Studies- Vol. 19 December 2013

Table of Contents

1. Female Stereotypes in Television Advertising: Representations and Repercussions
T. N. K. Meegaswatta

2. Different Moments against Brahmanic Patriarchy: On the Genesis of a Radical History
Smita M. Patil

3. Are We Better-Off? Rural Woman, Dry Zone Agriculture and Their Well-Being
K. R. N. S. Rajamanthire and M. R. Pinnawala

4. Researching South Asian Women and Religious Identity in Malaysia and Singapore: Perspectives from a Historian of Southeast Asia
Barbara Watson Andaya

5. Migration of Female Domestic Workers to Middle Eastern Countries: Impact on Women's Empowerment - The Case of Sri Lanka
Lakmini Premarathne

6. Book Review

Nivedini-Journal of Gender Studies Vol. 21 December 2016

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