July 7, 2012


Nivedini Vol. 18 Dec 2012


Table of Contents

1. From European Female Surplus to Indian Female Deficit:  The Case of France in Comparative Historical Perspective
Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux

2. 73rd Amendment Act: Empowerment of Rural Women at the Grassroots in India
Nilma Srivastav

3. Ethnographic Evidence of Women's Knowledge and Women Practitioners in the Health Sector in Sri Lanka
Selvy Thiruchandran

4. Feminist Ideas and Development Theory and Practice and Their Interaction
Lakmini Premarathne

5. Dying to Marry or Marrying to Die: The Sri Lankan Women Combatants and the Institution of Marriage
Sureshika Piyasena

6. Book Review

Nivedini- Journal of Gender Studies- Vol. 19 December 2013

Table of Contents 1. Female Stereotypes in Television Advertising: Representations and RepercussionsT. N. K. Meegaswatta 2. Different Moments against Brahmanic Patriarchy: On the Genesis of a Radical HistorySmita M. Patil 3. Are We Better-Off? Rural Woman, Dry Zone Agriculture and…
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