July 7, 2009

Nivedini Vol. 15 Nov / Dec 2009


Table of Contents

1. Gender based violence in Africa
Christopher Chitereka

2. Discourse and Counter-discourse(s) on the New Bhikkuni Order in Sri Lanka: An Ethnographical Inquiry
Premakumara De Silva

3. Migration and Gender Empowerment: Recent Trends and Emerging Issues
Jayati Ghosh

4. Language and Gender Subjectivity
Tankie Khalanyane

5. Documenting WOmen's Voices: Caste, Class and Gender in Tank Associations of Bahour, Pondicherry
Archana Prasad

6. Well-Women Clinics: Women's Health 'Beyond Reproduction' in Sri Lanka
Darshi Thoradeniya

Nivedini Vol. 16 Nov / Dec 2010

Table of Contents 1. Cosmology, Gender and Kinship: Role and Power Relationships of Himalayan Pastoral WOmenSubhadra Mitra Channa 2. Creating Intimate SPaces: Women's Marriage Contracts (Nikahnamas) Among Indian MuslimsRehana Ghadially 3. From Krupabai Satthianadhan to Shashi Deshpande: Mapping the Journey…
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