July 7, 2008

Nivedini Vol. 14 Nov / Dec 2008


Table of Contents

Gender Representation in Literature

1. The Spaces of Conformity and Resistance: an Exploration of the Declaration of Gender and Sexuality of the Female Artists in Three Indian Novels
Pavithra Tantrigoda

2. Patriarchy and Sinhala-Buddhist Nationalism: A Critical Reading of Maname and Sinhabahu
Shanika Wijesinghe

3. Women's Sexuality and its Subversive Constructions Through Religion Within Myths and Social Reality
Selvy Thiruchandram

Social Structures and Women

4. Women in Politics and Decision-Making Positions in Lesotho
Lea Molapo and Tankie Khalanyane

5. Flirting with Disaster: Gendered Impacts of Women's Access to Land and Housing in Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka
Lisa Rose Anne Overton


6. Declaration on Migrant Workers for the 15th SAARCC Summit in Colombo in 2008

7. Declaration made at the Second South Asian Regional Conference on Violence against Women in Politics: Revisiting Policies, Politics and Participation held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 16th to 18th November 2008

Book Review

8. Reinventing Feminism: A Critical Review of At The Cutting Edge
Padmini Swaminathan

Nivedini Vol. 15 Nov / Dec 2009

Table of Contents 1. Gender based violence in AfricaChristopher Chitereka 2. Discourse and Counter-discourse(s) on the New Bhikkuni Order in Sri Lanka: An Ethnographical InquiryPremakumara De Silva 3. Migration and Gender Empowerment: Recent Trends and Emerging IssuesJayati Ghosh 4. Language…
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