July 7, 2006

Nivedini Vol. 12 No. 1 Jul / Aug 2006


Table of Contents

1. Feminist Politics in the Age of Recognition: A Two Dimensional Approach to Gender Justice
Nancy Fraser

2. 'The One God Sent to Stop the Boys from Killing Me': Using Storytelling to Communicate Survey Findings about Liberian Women Living in Displaced-Persons Camps
Peggy J. Jennings, Shana Swiss and Rojatu Turay-Kanneh

3. Gender Representation in the Peace Process
Dilrukshi Fonseka

4. Institutional Response to Domestic Violence: Towards a Rethinking
A. Suneetha

5. The Myth of Post Feminism: The Emergence of Feminist Consciousness in Nepal
Ava Darshan Shrestha and Chandra Bhadra

6. Cultural Construction of the "Sinhala Woman" and Women's Resistance to Such Identities
Dr. Janaki Jayawardena

7. Thefts of Knowledge: Women, Education and Politics
Sheila Rowbotham

Nivedini Vol. 14 Nov / Dec 2008

Table of Contents Gender Representation in Literature 1. The Spaces of Conformity and Resistance: an Exploration of the Declaration of Gender and Sexuality of the Female Artists in Three Indian NovelsPavithra Tantrigoda 2. Patriarchy and Sinhala-Buddhist Nationalism: A Critical Reading…
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