July 10, 1994

Nivedini Vol. 1 No. 2 Dec 1994 and Vol. 2 No. 1 May 1995 – Double Issue

Table of Contents 1. The Articulation of Gender in Cinematic Address: Sinhala Cinema in 1992 Malathi de Alwis 2. Violence against Women: Nature and Extent Bela Nabi 3. Patriarchy in a Language Eva Ranaweera 4. Socio- Cultural Constraints and their Gendered Patterns: A Case Study of a Fishing Viallge in Handale 5. Buddhism and Feminism Elizabeth Harris 6. Trafficking in Women: Bangladesh Perspective Ishrat Shamim 7. The Sack Jean Arasanayagm 8. Statement of the South Asian Women’s Courses 9. Women and Economic Empowerment: The Case in Pelanda Vinodini de Silva 10. Pastoral Power: Foucault and the New Imperial Order Patricia Stamp 11. Women in Political thought Constructions, Subjective Notions and the Feminist Challenges Selvy Thiruchandran 12. Oral Report Presented by the Rapporteur for Violence against Women to the Commission on Human Rights (51stb Session) February 1995 13. Women Workers at Rubber Plantation in the Kalutara District Jayadeva Uyangoda 14. Women’s Rights as Human Rights towards Re-vision of Human Rights 15. Can Women be Leaders of a Nation: A Muslim Perspective Jezima Ismail 16. Book Review

Nivedini Vol. 3 No. 2 Dec 1995

Table of Contents 1. A Plea for Peace Editorial 2. Dilemmas of a Transformative Research Ideal Refugees and Resettlement in Sri Lanka Joke Schrijvers 3. Women in Contemporary Sri Lankan Tamil Fiction: A Study of Three Novels Sitra Maunaguru 4. The…
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