October 16, 2019

Nivedini-Journal of Gender Studies Vol. 22 December 2018

Table of Contents 

1 Widow’s Intestate Succession Right to Her Husband’s Property:

A Comparative Study of Kandyan law and Thesawalamai Law.

-Ranjan Anno Helan Menaka

2 Dominant Patriarchal Ideologies in a Hegemonic Framework:

Pedagogical Practices of a Sinhala Department - A Case Study

-Minoli  Wijetunga

3"Should my wives make a disturbance I will beat the whole of them… ": A Study of Gender-based Violence in Sinhala Folktales

-Lal Medawattegedara

4 Globalization and a Reversion to Conservative Patriarchy:

The Reworking of Feminism in Contemporary Television Soap Operas in Bengal

-Subhadra Mitra Channa       

5 Ragging: Behind the Curtains Experiences from University of Peradeniya

-Janethri Liyanage

6 Consent and Intoxication in Sexual Offences:

-Keerthi Kumburuhena and Arumugam Sivatharsini     

7“She’s too much!”: student perspectives on participation in pedagogical humour

Shalini A. Abayasekara