June 19, 2018

Nivedini – Journal of Gender Studies (2018/2019)

Call for Research Papers Published in all three languages, Nivedini envisages a South Asian colloquy around issues of gender and related subjects such as media, labour, politics and culture in global context and from a post disciplinary perspective. It is the only English Journal to focus on Women's Studies in Sri Lanka.   The journal features theoretical, empirical and historical research that is grounded in local and regional relations and deals with a range of related subjects. The journal also contains sections that encourage debate, as well as reviews of conferences, journals, books and films. In addition to serving as a resource for academics, it also establishes guidelines for policy makers.   WERC welcomes original research contributions in the areas listed below and are specially interested in papers/ articles written from an interdisciplinary approach to gender issues.  
  • Sexuality with its various conceptions of differences
  • Production and reception of meaning and knowledge
  • Cultural institutions, practices, policies and powers
  • Technology, change, development and globalization in media and culture
  • Convergences between intellectual, popular and corporate culture
  • Cultural studies of neglected regions or areas of inquiry
  • Debate on the adequacy and future of various disciplinary traditions, methods and topics in cultural studies
Notes and Guidelines for Contributors:
  • Papers/ articles/ reviews must be in English, Sinhala or Tamil
  • Reviews should be approximately of 500-600 words
  • Research Papers should be of 15-20 A4 pages
  • All papers/ reviews etc., must be sent typed on A4 papers and double spaced
  • Title page of the paper should be typed separately and should include the author’s name, full address, telephone numbers, fax and email
  • A statement of two or more lines about each author should be typed on a separate sheet.
  Deadlines for Submission: Papers should reach us by August 31st 2018   For more information please contact: English Nivedini – Ms. Shiranee Mills (shiraneemills@wercsl.org) or                                Ms. Shari Jayawardhana (shariwercsl@gmail.com)   Sinhala Nivedini – Ms. Chamalee Ahangama                                  (chamalee.ahangama@wercsl.org) or                                  Ms. Shari Jayawardhana (shariwercsl@gmail.com)   Tamil Nivedini – Ms. Shiranee Mills (shiraneemills@wercsl.org) or                              Ms. Jeyamala Sivachelvam (mala.werc@gmail.com)   Mailing Address:   The Editor (English/ Sinhala/ Tamil), Nivedini – Journal of Gender Studies Women’s Education and Research Centre, 58, Dharmarama Road, Colombo 06, Sri Lanka.   General Email: info@wercsl.org   Tel: +94 11 2595296/ 2590985Fax: +94 11 2596313