June 30, 2014

Ms. Jeyamala Sivachelvam – Librarian

Ms. Jeyamala is the librarian of our organization. Her tasks involve the complete running of the library including updating and upkeep of the books, review of new publications and recommending them for the library, collating and documenting gender related information and assisting readers who visit the library. She assists in the editing of the Tamil Newsletter of the organization titled Pravahini. She is also in charge of the sale of WERC publications. Ms. Jeyamala holds a Diploma in Library Information Science from the Library Association of Sri Lanka. She has seven years of experience as a librarian and has also successfully completed certificate courses in the field of Journalism and Photography. Email: mala.werc@gmail.com  

Ms. Fathima Mubarak - Secretary

Ms. Fathima Mubarak is in charge of issuing library memberships, and assisting the readers, research students, interns and managerial staff. Being trilingual she also assists to publish the WERC newsletters in all three languages and assists the managerial staff in…
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