October 28, 2016


Mapping out a Profile of Child Protection in Sri Lanka: Questioning Public in the Western Province (2015 – 2016)

This survey was a part of the project titled "Awareness Creation among School Children and Mystery Painting for Abused Children in the Western Province" funded by the Australian High Commission.

Focus of the enquiry was divided into 2 main sections: map out the child protection service provisions available to Sri Lankan children living in the Western province in Sri Lanka; and, explore children's experiences of perceived incidents of child abuse. This survey also dealt with the information such as the reasons having highest number of child abuse cases in the Western province in Sri Lanka; precautions taken to reduce child abuse; services provided by the government and non-government organizations for abused children; reasons for not reporting to the relevant authorities; drawbacks in the current services provided by the government and non-government organizations; suggestions and recommendations to improve the services to minimize child abuse in Sri Lanka.

The findings of this survey have shed more light to the topic child abuse/ maltreatment and provided guidelines on the prevention of child abuse.

** The survey report is available at our office. To have a free copy, please contact the Librarian via 011-2595296 or info@wercsl.org.

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