June 17, 2020


Legal Responses to Rape in Sri Lanka

A research project was commissioned by the National Committee on Women (NCW) to  understand  the  reasons  for  the  delays  and  low  conviction  rates  in  rape  prosecutions  in  the Colombo  district  of  Sri  Lanka  as  a  pilot  study  which  would  be  the  base  for  further  research  and future  remedial  action.  WERC  was  selected  as  the  implementing  organization  for  the  research  on Understanding the Challenges to Obtaining an Effective Legal Responses to Rape in Sri Lanka, under the patronage of the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs and commenced its research activities in December of 2018.

Study Design of the Research: A study of cases pertaining to rape victims/survivors over the age of 16 were analyzed  and explored in depth  and the course of  the  case, studied step by  step till it came to a conclusion, whether it be a conviction or acquittal.

Researchers:  Our  thanks  go  to  our  main  researchers  Sandani  Yapa  Abeywardena  and  YanitraKumaraguru ably assisted by Damithri Warnakulasuriya.

The  National  Committee  on  Women  (NCW)  provided  assistance  and  guidance  in  obtaining  Case numbers  of  cases  of  rape  concluded  in  the  Colombo  High  court  and  any  other  High  Court  in  the Colombo district and Colombo Magistrate's Court and any other Magistrate's Court in the Colombo district. The report is now launched as a pilot study.