July 29, 2010

Institutionalization of Women’s Studies, the Dynamics, Curriculum and Pedagogy – Sinhala (2010)

WERC organized the above conference on March, 19th 2010 in Sinhala as part of a project that looks at mainstreaming Women's Studies in the South Asian region and the hurdles in doing so. The conference attempted to unite all those involved in the process of academia along with the feminist groups that have been advocating for institutionalization of Women's Studies in the South Asian region. We hoped to share their success stories and decided on the steps we had to take forward from there to institutionalize Women's Studies in an acceptable level in Sri Lanka.

academics and civil society activists were asked to present papers and six academics from the Colombo University and a women's organization called Kantha Shakthi presented papers. Dr. Selvy Thiruchandran initiated the proceedings by welcoming the audience. The conference consisted of two sessions and Dr. Darshi Thoradeniya chaired the first session which included three papers by Ms. Krishanithi Anandawansa, Dr. Janaki Jayawardena and Mr. Dinesh Jayakody.

Dr. Janaki Jayawadena chaired the second session which consisted of papers by Dr. Premakumara de Silva, Ms. Chandima Jayasena and Ms. Kumudu Ranaweera.

Gender, Power and Resistance - Sinhala (2012)

WERC organized the annual conference in Sinhala medium on November, 30th - December, 01st 2012 at the Auditorium. The main objective was to encourage and facilitate academic/practical initiatives on gender issues amongst Sinhala speaking communities. The theme of the conference…
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