March 3, 2009

History of the Women’s Movement in Sri Lanka (2009)

Looking at the history from women's perspective is one of the major themes of this endeavour. In the case of Sri Lanka, it is relevant to say that the histories of many women's movements have not been properly recorded within the mainstream historiography in the country. WERC attempted to fill this gap by initiating research on the History of the Women's Movement in February 2009. It was a comprehensive history of various women's movements in rural, urban and plantation social settings and the action programs of women's militant groups in the Northern, Eastern and Southern regions

Discussion of Contemporary Alternative Films 'Darshana' (2009-2010)

Through this project, WERC endeavored to use a unique mode to educate and sensitize young civil society activists and community workers on gender equality and peace - through a medium of entertainment. The approach stimulated an environment in which all…
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