February 21, 2006

Familiarization Programme Workshop (2006)

CARE International, Batticaloa requested WERC WERC to conduct a familiarization programme for their staff members and the staff of their partner community-based organizations. Their primary objective of us conducting this programme was them to become familiar with the various organizations working on similar levels as them, and organizations that could be approached by them for their project work.

This programme was conducted in both Tamil and Sinhala in the form of interactive discussion, and the discussion was led by Dr. Selvy Thiruchandran, Ms. Prabha and Ms. Thirumakal.

This programme was conducted on February, 21st 2006 at WERC Auditorium.

Sticker Campaign on Sexual Harassment in Public Transport (2006-2007)

With the main objective of drawing  attention to the issue of sexual harassment in public transport and creating awareness about the legal provisions available to prevent such behavior, this project was begun on the International Women's Day of the year…
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