July 10, 2014

Economic Empowerment of a War Widow in the Jaffna Peninsula – Gifting of a Sewing Machine (2014)

WERC identified a 37 year old widow from Kompavil in Puthukudiyiruppu who lost her husband due to shelling in the war. In the process of identifying the beneficiary, we received help from Ms. Thayalini who is a Women’s Development Officer in the same area. The needy beneficiary has worked in a tailoring shop in Mullaitivu and has two school going daughters to care for.

We gifted her a Zoje Artisan Sewing Machine as she mentioned that she would like to be self-employed and earn a livelihood by sewing from home.

For the event of handing over the sewing machine to the beneficiary, Assistant Divisional Secretary of Puthukudiyiruppu and the Grama Niladhari of Kompavil were present. WERC thanks all donors of the Bavani Fund, including WERC staff members, from which this sewing machine was purchased and donated.

WERC also has plans for repairing the house of a war widow in the Jaffna peninsula, from the Bavani Fund, in the forthcoming year.


Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable Women in the Western Province (2014)

After a visit paid to the nearby slum area in Wellawatte, we identified two families who were below the poverty line and who need immediate attention due to the demolition of their neighborhood by the Government to make apartment complexes.…
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