June 6, 2015

Continuities / Departures: Essays on Postcolonial Sri Lankan Women’s Creative Writing in English (2011)

This book contains a significant collection of essays that looks at contemporary Sri Lankan women’s creative writing in English. The essays in this volume capture a range of interests, issues, voices and even texts and attest to a vigorous, vibrant and creatively alive culture and literature that has through time evolved in many different directions. The continuities/ departures and border crossings seen in the essays, point to ways in which creative writing in English by contemporary Sri Lankan women can be read. The essays, demonstrating in their own way directions that new research can undertake in the intersecting fields of Sri Lankan English and Women’s Studies, are by Dinali Fernando, Dushyanthi Mendis, Ruhanie Perera, Tara Senanayaka, Sivamohan Sumathy, Pavithra Tantrigoda and Maithree Wickramasinghe. This book was published by Vijitha Yapa Bookshop (PVT) Ltd.

Women's Movement in Sri Lanka: History, Trends and Trajectories (2012)

The book explores the role of women as ideologues, agents, activists and visionaries as part of the movement. It deciphers the structural inequalities pertaining to the secondary status ascribed to them through discrimination and all forms of oppression and the…
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