June 19, 2018

Bernadeen Silva Memorial Programme

Bernadeen Silva was one of the founder members of the Women’s Education and Research Centre (WERC) and served as its Trustee till her passing away in February 2007.

She was an activist and a vibrant personality who won the hearts of the old and the young. Bernadeen’s inner spirituality and faith reflected itself in the life of service that she led, seizing every opportunity to make her world a better place through addressing issues relating to women, children, poverty, the marginalized, justice, human rights and faith. She was totally immersed in these issues and worked tirelessly. Bernadeen’s death left a great void - but her writings, her humanitarian work among the voiceless in this country and her bright, sparkling spirit continue to live on in our hearts and inspire us.

In recognition of her life dedicated to justice and the pursuit of truth, WERC commemorates Bernadeen Silva every 2 years through an event which best reflects her life. In 2009, WERC published a book titled 'Remembering Bernadeen' which consisted of her cerebral essays on women’s movements and gender issues. Below are some of the events that were held over the years under the programme.