July 30, 2005

Advocating & Lobbying Project – SARI/Q (2005-2008)

The task of lobbying with the relevant authorities to implement the SAARC Convention on Combatting Trafficking of Women and Children for Prostitution, as a part of the South Asian Network Building by SARI/Q, was entrusted WERC. Consequently, WERC partnered-up with Centre for Social Research, New Delhi and started this project in December 2005.

The International Stakeholders Consultation was held at the WERC Auditorium in December 2008. Thereafter, 3 national stakeholders meetings were organized with the relevant authorities and organizations, to discuss and find ways for the effective implementation of the SAARC Convention and, improving the SAARC Convention and, the existing laws of Sri Lanka to Prevent Trafficking in Sri Lanka.

A research was conducted on this topic. To read more, click here.

Women's Studies Course: Batticaloa & Vavuniya (2006)

WERC introduced this course, for the first time, in the Eastern and North-Central Provinces of the country. Previously, it had been conducted only in Colombo. It was due to requests from residents in this area, together with Oxfam, that it…
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