March 14, 2016

THE SEXUAL PSYCHOPATHS by Audriana Ramachandra – Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology, Sri Lanka

Psychopathy is clinically related to criminal or sexual brutality and it is also commonly known as psychopath, however according to DSM iv criteria the name was changed to ‘’Antisocial Personality Disorder’’. Hanson, Karl and Kelly (2005) stated mostly 90 percent of the time sexual psychopaths are males, yet either gender of sexual psychopaths usually have same characteristics and behaviors. Nevertheless women exhibit lower prevalence of onset symptoms and they present less noticeable dominant and aggressive personality compare to men. However the level of testosterone plays one of the important role in determining personality traits of sexual psychopath. Heightened in sexual drive is affiliated with high level of testosterone, as a result they can become more dominant over men or women (Rogstad and Rogers 2008).

Sexual psychopaths are from low middle-class background who have experienced physical and mental abuse.This clearly can be correlate with how they have been raised by their unstable parents or family. Few of the main core characteristics are manipulative, lack of empathy, antisocial behaviours, patterns of pathological lying and impulsive behaviours. The core symptoms can possibly lead to enjoy the pleasure in animal torture which can begin at very young age. However not all psychopaths engaged in illegal crimes ( Hare 2006 ).

However above mentioned core symptoms could be different for women and more applicable towards men only, thus providing a gender bias and being more stereotypical towards men. Researchers have stated, women are prone to experience other psychological disorders more compare to men, but when women represent, symptoms close to sexual psychopath, maybe they have been diagnosed for other psychological disorders. This can be very well supported by the results received when using PCL-R on women, which did not provide a satisfactory outcome, even though PCL-R (psychopathy Checklist Revised) considered to be one of the valuable test to use to access sexual psychopaths (Ogloff 2006).

Different symptoms should be classified for female sexual psychopath so that, it can be better understood in away, women will not be acquired to treat for some other psychological disorders. There are sex-role biases in diagnosing disorders and sexual psychopath is one of them. Women are emotionally less stable compare to men and men are much stronger and dominant which are proven fact by many other psychologist and researchers. This often provide a misleading aspect on diagnosing any disorders and does not have to be necessarily sexual psychopath. With regard to this aspect, we can see how much it can influence on treating other disorders in men and women.

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