The Library and Resource Centre at WERC had a book stock of nearly 6759 books at the end of 2013. The collection is mainly English with a valuable selection of Tamil and Sinhala publications.

The book collection at the Resource Centre has been computerized using the UNESCO WINISIS package specially designed for library cataloguing. For Quick Reference Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Research Reports and Thesis & Directories can be utilized. News paper clippings on violence against women, suicide, issues related to Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Trafficking and Migrant workers etc are available.

Classified information on different issues related to Gender, Feminism, Women and Development and Human Rights are collected in dockets for easy reference and Journals and Periodicals are available with their content pages. A valuable set of Training Manuals on Gender Sensitization is maintained by the Resource Centre for the convenience and reference of resource persons. There is also a Special Collection on Women’s Writings in Sri Lanka.

The University students have a good nutrition tree for their studies in our library collection. Readers ranging from researchers, journalists, media personnel, civil society activists, to overseas volunteers, and resource persons from various organizations are benefited by the invaluable collection at the Centre.

Inter-library loan facilities and Information through telephone or fax and computerized database for your research is available for WERC library members.

In order to maintain its collection the WERC library charges a nominal fee for use of its facilities.

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Library membership

Frequent users can obtain membership for a fee of Rs 1250.
Rs 1000    Refundable deposit
Rs 250     Annual subscription for membership and book loans

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 4.15 p.m.
WERC is temporarily closed on Wednesdays.

For inquiries please contact